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LabMetrics Laboratory Consulting Services

Laboratories and organizations today are facing daunting challenges as they attempt to develop their competitive business and technology strategies, hoping that their precious resources are invested wisely to produce value and achieve a competitive advantage.

Having a complete, integrated picture and understanding of your organizations business and technology offerings is critical to ensuring staff, equipment, and capital are all synchronized and moving forward in unison to achieve your business objectives.

LabMetrics’ philosophy and entire consulting service offerings are specifically designed to directly meet the contemporary challenges and needs of our clients. We invite you to explore our Consulting Services so you can experience the full-service, integrated, end-to-end approach we will take with Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program for their business management and technology projects.

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Laboratory Assessments for Competitive Impact

LabMetrics’ associates are experts in the life science, clinical laboratory, and IT business. We can support your organization and clinical lab with customized operations, productivity, and readiness assessments. We focus on your business challenges to give you a strategic view that encompasses competitiveness, market forces, cost-saving, and revenue creation strategies.


Private Equity and Capital Markets

We evaluate all aspects of the Clinical Laboratory and Pathology Industry from technology to operations, to help our clients achieve greater market share and greater profits. Whether you are looking at making an acquisition/merger or selling in the laboratory market, LabMetrics can help you understand the risks and returns of potential transactions.



Lab Strategic Planning

We provide a sound, well-developed roadmap that will guide your Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program in their decision making with a solid strategic plan. LabMetrics can assist your organization and clinical lab with its strategic planning needs at all levels.


Clinical Laboratory, Pathology, System Evaluations

Let LabMetrics do all the heavy lifting, having successfully conducted numerous system evaluations which will provide tremendous value. LabMetrics has developed a set of proprietary tools and methods to perform in-depth system evaluations aimed at improving laboratory automation and providing robust LIS / LIMS technology advice.


Lab Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Our experts will assist your Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health System or Hospital in developing detailed calculations and statistics that will allow you to effectively monitor and evaluate patient results. A LabMetrics consultation will provide you with the knowledge you need to update or implement your QC systems with the best tools available, and we are experts in the use of Westgard Rules and Levey-Jennings Charts to develop accurate QC product awareness.


LEAN Six Sigma in the Laboratory

Are you struggling to keep up with regulatory changes, service quality, and client satisfaction? LabMetrics can assist in developing Six Sigma methodologies that allow Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program to expand testing operations and increase outreach and specimen processing.



Lab Leadership and Staffing

With decades of experience, we are positioned to provide interim management and staffing of the highest caliber. Knowing the industry inside and out, we provide you with only the best and most suitable staff that will run your operations liked a well-oiled machine.

Lab Startup

LabMetrics can help you understand the risks and returns of a new clinical laboratory as well as expansion and/or diversification of your existing test menu and markets. We will make sure you have all the critical information needed to make the best decisions.

Lab Outreach

We combine our deep knowledge and experience with business management principles to find lab management outreach solutions that will keep you competitive. Our principals and associates can help your Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Programs to walk through market data and technology offerings to develop the strategies you will need to go successfully compete with commercial laboratories.

Lab Information Management and Metrics

How can you organize, structure and generate meaningful information and metrics from your data? That’s where LabMetrics’ can help. Our Information Management and Metrics practice fully embraces our core philosophy of effectively fusing business management and technology to unlock the value buried deep within your data and files. LabMetrics has the skills and knowledge to help your Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program.

Laboratory Financial and Billing

Our principals and associates are familiar with best practices and technologies in all aspects of cutting-edge life science and medical laboratory operations as well as business and accounting principles. We work closely with our clients’ teams to establish and improve business intelligence systems and optimize chargemasters and reimbursements. We will even help support you in achieving operational goals by developing robust financial and decision models.

Lab Compliance and Audit

LabMetrics can help ensure your Clinical Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program achieve full survey readiness through a variety of assessments and mock surveys. We work with your staff to identify internal barriers to a successful audit, evaluate mock survey scores, develop technology enabled billing and quality programs, and create corrective actions plans for potential problems.

Business Intelligence and Benchmarking

LabMetrics team has spent decades cultivating an unmatched depth of expertise in both laboratory technology, and business management. We work with medical and life science laboratories, large and small, to develop growth-oriented business strategies fused with the latest technology and cutting-edge information management techniques.

Automation and Instrumentation Evaluation

LabMetrics has the expertise and skilled staff to help guide you through the process of developing targeted deployment plans while avoiding common pitfalls. We will provide you with the skills to evaluate, select, implement, and manage the project, integrating capital-costs into your end-to-end operations.