Information Management & Metrics


Business & Clinical Intelligence. Manage by Metrics. Increase Profits. Informed Decisions

Your Business Challenges

  • Personalized medicine and cloud storage
  • Interoperable data rather than integrated systems
  • Validity and trust of data being used
  • Are my pay structures competitive
  • How do I compare to my competition
  • Are results correlating to standards
  • How can I identify and measure project, quality, performance, business metrics

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How We Can Help

Laboratories and organizations today are steeped in data, with even bigger data looming on the horizon with next generation sequencing and pathology informatics. How can you organize, structure and generate meaningful information and metrics from your data? That’s where LabMetrics’ can help. Our Information Management and Metrics practice fully embraces our core philosophy of effectively fusing business management and technology to unlock the value buried deep within your data and files.

Our Information Management and Metrics Services

  • Benchmarking Metrics
  • Business and Clinical Intelligence
  • Business Metrics
  • Comparison Metrics
  • Compensation Analysis (Executive, Physicians & Staff)
  • Informatics
  • Performance Metrics
  • Project Metrics
  • Quality Metrics
  • Standards of Measurement
  • Trending, Linear Regression & Stochastic Drift Analysis