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LabMetrics strives to minimize the cost and expense to our clients. Many projects can be done remotely via teleconference and/or Web meetings. As project needs dictate, our consultants will travel and work onsite. Being onsite for a presentation is always an option you can elect. If the project will require onsite work, it will be clearly indicated in the final agreement including the reimbursement of third party expenses.
Yes. We have assisted groups like yourself developing the business plan/feasibility study to fully understand the startup costs and revenue expectations, work through compliance and regulatory issues, identify your ideal test menu matched to the appropriate diagnostic equipment, overcome interoperability/connectivity issues with EMRs, etc. We also provide startup build services, lab management, and medical director assistance.
Yes. This is a core offering. We have assisted many types of systems (academic medical centers, hospital systems, commercial labs) evaluate their current lab operations and make the best recommendation – which is not always core lab consolidation. We evaluate all aspects of your lab including staffing, test menu, testing capabilities, capacity, facilities, competition/market, information technology, automation, contracts/arrangements, pathology, etc.
Yes. This is a core service offering and we can structure a very cost-effective agreement that will provide you access to a “virtual-CIO”. Contracts can be tailored to provide your organization with a CIO presence that can be used to address high-priority needs. Often clients engage our virtual-CIO service and have the first order of business be to conduct an IT readiness assessment (security and technology) to develop a list of gaps that are prioritized and used as the basis of the work plan for the term of the engagement. Another popular offering is providing interim CIO services to support a strategic expansion, e.g. acquisition due diligence and integration, staffing assessment, etc. with the intent to find a permanent replacement. There are many other models that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization.
Yes. This is a core service offering which can be done either through a fixed-fee to help identify, evaluate, select and implement your billing service – or – a monthly retainer to provide oversight, guidance and management of your billing department.
We have assisted many clients as yourself with purchasing a lab that will continue to generate a revenue stream while you setup a research arm. We can help you formulate a comprehensive commercialization strategy and assist with operationalizing and implementation. If you already have a valid plan, we can review/refresh and fast-track you into the implementation phase.
Yes! We often work with startups in this situation, providing a more limited role acting as an advisor to you.
As consultants we understand the need to work quickly and are willing to discuss your project and its timing. Often these “requests of urgency” can be worked out by having someone onsite ASAP to get things rolling. However, most projects are not done in that short of a timeframe. Typical engagements range from ~4 weeks to months for larger efforts.
Yes. We have associates with considerable pathology expertise having built and run their own practices and pathology labs. We can guide you on strategy as well as organization, staffing, operations, marketing and other improvements. We also can advise you on the latest pathology business models and trends including exciting opportunities relative to virtual pathology services to retain your clients and expand your market by offering the very best sub-specialty services w/o the direct overhead associated with hiring and retaining personnel. Contact us today to setup a call with our experts to discuss confidentially your practice/lab needs.
Yes. Although we are not a staffing agency per se’ we also help clients with a wide variety of other issues. These include interim and part-time management and staffing, strategy and marketing execution, startup implementation, project director oversight, general project implementation, and more. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation in confidence.
We have clients across the United States, as well as in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.
Yes. Our clients are both non-profit and commercial/for-profit businesses including startups. Our skills and expertise come from both profit and non-profit backgrounds and we understand the unique needs, culture, and goals of each.
Most of the work we perform for our clients is highly confidential, therefore we cannot/don’t divulge this level of information about them beyond their name and location.
Compliance is no longer something a laboratory can afford to softly address. It is critical to have a formal compliance program in place which is a prerequisite to changing the organization’s culture to be compliant at all levels and all aspects of its operation. We provide cost-effective compliance assessments for laboratories of all sizes and types which typically can be done in 1-2 days onsite. The deliverable is an easy-to-read and understand scorecard detailing relevant compliance issues, your status, and recommended course of action. In addition, we can provide annual/periodic compliance assessments to gauge your improvement and keep you abreast of the plethora of advisories. We can also develop your compliance program/manual and provide you with interim compliance officer staffing.
We are happy to review and execute reasonable NDAs with you. We protect our clients confidentiality through our standard contract.
Yes. Due to the highly confidential nature of our work with some clients, it is not possible to provide direct references at times, or the reference will limit confirmation of hiring LabMetrics but not discuss the nature of the engagement in detail. If you become a LabMetrics client, we would extend the same level of respect and confidentiality.
We have fixed fee and hourly fee models and are happy to discuss and provide an estimate using a simple, straightforward 3-Prong approach to guide you from project conception to project commencement.
  1. Introductory phone call.
  2. Provide you with a proposal outline.
  3. Provide you with an engagement agreement (as requested).
It is important for us to first understand your individual situation to scope the engagement appropriately. This generally involves a brief phone discussion about your project goals – including business and personal goals, the desired timeframe, budget constraints and other relevant topics. Within 1-2 days, we then provide you with a proposal outline via email from which the project scope and pricing can be refined. From this you can decide to move forward with the project, at which time we would provide you with an engagement agreement to execute and commence work.
As laboratory consultants we provide a full range of “end-to-end” services for all types of laboratories, from start-ups through complex consolidation, outreach, and disruptive improvements. In addition, we can assist laboratories and healthcare organizations with a variety of their staffing needs. Contact Us to discuss your situation confidentially and professionally to advise you whether or not LabMetrics is the best fit for your business and project needs.