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LabMetrics Consulting (LMC) provides personalized, in-depth focus

Our founding principle is to provide clients with an expertise that focuses on both business management and on critical technologies to give you a competitive edge. Whether your project needs are large or small, we always start by getting an in-depth working knowledge of your organization and clinical lab and processes.

LMC can design and implement solutions that drive profitability by addressing the whole 360° view of your business and project needs. Discover how our flexible approach and innovative thinking can benefit you. We deliver to our clients realistic and actionable recommendations that address their project needs. Call us today at 855.452.2638 and find out how we can help you increase your profitability, outreach, and growth potential.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences

Laboratories and organizations today are facing daunting challenges as they attempt to develop their competitive business and technology strategies, hoping that their precious resources are invested wisely to produce value and achieve a competitive advantage. LabMetrics Consulting is here to assist regardless of the industry that your laboratory or healthcare project needs reside.

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We are proud to be selected to be featured in the Laboratory Economics publication because of our outreach expertise.

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Request our OIG Lab Compliance Case Study to find out how LMC uncovered high-risk areas for remediation to bring a lab into compliance.
Request our Accreditation Inspection Readiness Case Study to find out how LMC helped a large lab prepare for an inspection within four months.
Request our White Paper on the Keys To An Effective Outreach Plan. Dealing with reimbursement pressures are possible with lab strategic planning and assistance from LMC.


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Lab (+) Management (+) Healthcare (+) Technology

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world consuming over 10% of gross domestic product (GDPs) of developed countries. Keeping abreast of the changing compliance, regulatory, technology, reimbursement, best practices, and standards can be a daunting task.

Our founding principle is to provide our clients with an unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise uniquely focused on business management consulting fused with mission-critical, disruptive technology/consulting to achieve your competitive edge.

LMC prides itself on being able to structure engagements to meet the 360° needs of our clients to achieve impactful results. Contact LMC today and discover how we can provide a central, singular focus to your project and consulting needs.

What LMC’s Clients Have To Say

“We’ve used LabMetrics Consulting 3 times (soon to be 4)  for our annual compliance audits, for measuring our laboratory’s compliance program effectiveness. In addition to OIG Compliance Program effectiveness, they have performed mock CAP inspections which successfully prepared the technical laboratory for a flawless inspection in 2014.”

Compliance Officer – Large independent Toxicology lab in the south

“We have successfully used LabMetrics Consulting for numerous engagements over the years from improve our information technology infrastructure to expansion of our testing presences/patient access densities.”

CEO – Large, full-service, independent laboratory in the Midwest

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