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Compliance Audits Identify Ways to Capture Lost Revenue

Prevent potential profit loss with a compliance audit from LabMetrics Consulting

Every year, billions of dollars are remunerated incorrectly billed due to laboratory service billing errors, and dollars are lost due to outdated quality programs. At best, this means clinical laboratories are losing potential profit, and at worst this can result in lawsuits, or trouble with regulatory bodies.

A good compliance audit will identify these issues, and provide corrective plans that will both increase revenue, and prevent potential problems related to quality and compliance.


Compliance and audit best practices increase your competitive advantage with commercial labs

LabMetrics Consulting can help ensure your Clinical Laboratory, Life Sciences Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health Care System, Hospital, or Outreach Program achieve full survey readiness through a variety of assessments and mock surveys. We work with your staff to identify internal barriers to a successful audit, evaluate mock survey scores, develop technology enabled billing and quality programs, and create corrective actions plans for potential problems.

  • Compliance Audit Assessments
  • Validation of Operational Laboratory Policies
  • Corporate Integrity Agreement (CIA) Implementation and Oversight
  • HHS / OIG Assistance
  • Independent Review Organization (IRO) Services
  • Claims Reviews
  • Code Review
  • Joint Commission Readiness / Mock Survey
  • CAP, CLIA, COLA et al Inspection Readiness / Mock Survey / Certification

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