Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal (RFP)

System Evaluation | RFP’s By LabMetrics Will Lay the Foundation for Automation and Improved LIS / LIMS Selection Processes

lisOur associates are some of the best in the business and can walk your organization and clinical lab through the complex and highly technical steps needed to evaluate the effectiveness of your LIS / LIMS architecture and give you key insights on how to create the kind of metrics that will enable your organization and clinical lab to achieve more efficient automation and increase lab revenues.

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LabMetrics will work with your organizations and clinical labs evaluation tools and requirements or can custom tailor a toolset and comprehensive requirements list from our extensive database ensuring critical feature gaps are not omitted. In addition, LabMetrics provides complete financial modeling and comparative analysis and will tease out the subtle nuances that open source tools and non-technical firms struggle to provide – often these subtleties can tell a completely different story if not addressed.

Clinical Laboratory System evaluation and Selection Services

  • Educate and gain leadership support
  • Manage all vendor contact and coordination
  • Develop list of vendors based on requirements
  • Develop a comprehensive list of business and technical requirement
  • Conduct the detailed, evidence-based, formal request for proposal (RFP) process
    • The requirements and structured RFP process will tease out and identify functionality gaps including the very subtle gaps
    • LabMetrics expertise includes detailed financial analysis of each vendors RFP proposal
      • Each vendor proposal is carefully evaluated & scored including detailed cost pro forma which clearly identifies each cost component
      • Cost savings can be linked to workflow improvements as part of the analysis
  • Develop and present the final report of findings to leadership
    • Used to assist making an informed, educated decision on selecting a primary vendor
  • After a primary vendor has been selected, an important next step is vendor due diligence
    • Reference checks
    • Site visits
    • Detailed configuration and design white board sessions, etc.
  • LabMetrics’ assists organizations and clinical labs with this pre-contracting essential step, helping to arrive at the appropriate detail needed to develop final pricing and contract language
    • Infrastructure
    • Hand held, mobile phlebotomy and specimen collection
    • Future functionality / modules – AP, sub-specialties, outreach, billing, etc.
    • Reporting requirements
    • Workflow improvements
  • LabMetrics can also assist or conduct the vendor contracting phase, often saving clients significant hard and soft dollars.