Robert Keller

Robert Keller MT (ASCP), MS – Senior Associate
Core Skills: Lab, Auto-verification, LIS, LOINC and Technology

Bob has more than 35 years of medical laboratory and information technology experience with specialization in parasitology, MIC testing, and anaerobic ID. He worked as a microbiology and serology technologist for both the University of Michigan Health System and Marquette General / Duke Life Point Health System. For most of his career he managed serology and molecular diagnostics departments as well as applying his I.T. skills by developing web test catalogs, providing lead LIS support and LIS implementation assistance in the lab. Bob is also a national LOINC expert, having performed standardization of thousands of different tests including numerous reference lab esoteric tests. Bob’s valuable skills have helped clients throughout the country providing laboratory testing, LIS consulting, LOINC and interface/outreach support and services.