John Rhoades

John Rhoades, MBA, MT(ASCP) – Senior Associate
Core Skills: Lab Management, Lean, Outreach, BB/BD, Automation, Quality Assurance, Billing, Compliance

John has over 35 years of experience in the clinical laboratory field working in a wide range of settings and positions from routine lab testing, to sales, to management. During the past 15 years John has been the laboratory program director at Marquette General where he led the development of a comprehensive regional outreach laboratory program encompassing 14 community hospitals. Using a collaborative approach, John works with regional health care providers to enhance their local lab systems, drive out national competition and increase the workload and revenue.

John understands the laboratory business from many different angles, and uses his knowledge to expand the capabilities and programs available at the organizations for which he’s worked. His relationships and experience allow him to develop new clinical lab projects such as cytogenics, molecular diagnostic testing, flow cytometry, core lab automation and Lean Six Sigma principles for clients.

Other accomplishments include coordination of a MLT internship program with a local university. John has worked as a sales and marketing representative for both regional and national reference laboratories. He is Lean / Sig Sigma certified and often speaks at international, national and regional conferences including the Executive War College, Washington G-2 and the AACC.