Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality Assurance in the Laboratory: LabMetrics Understands the Challenges

assurance1Quality Assurance in the laboratory is a complex issue requiring knowledge of available measurement tools and the use of appropriate statistics and reporting. Quality Control technology and methods are continually evolving. LabMetrics a leading expert in lab QA/QC best practices providing our clients with solid QA/QC program.

We stand ready to assist your Laboratory, Pathology Group, Health System or Hospital in developing detailed calculations and statistics that will allow you to effectively monitor and evaluate patient results. A LabMetrics consultation will provide you with the knowledge you need to update or implement your QC systems and programs with the best tools available, and we are experts in the use of Westgard Rules and Levey-Jennings Charts to develop accurate QC product awareness.

Quality Assurance Services

  • Auditing, Procedural Documentation, and Report Writing
  • Periodic Compliance Reviews, and Visits
  • Quality Management Program Development
  • Technical Consulting
  • Action Plan Development, Review, and Implementation
  • Instrument Correlation Analysis, and Studies
  • Calculations, and QC Stats: Mean, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation
  • Measurement System Analysis
  • Levey-Jennings, and Westgard Rules

Case Study

A large international manufacturer of glucose POCT received complaints from clinicians that their results were inaccurate. LabMetrics was engaged to manage and conduct a comprehensive correlation study on instrumentation and testing strips. After visiting 5 sites and collecting over 2,000 data points, LabMetrics was able to prove that the instruments were well within the acceptable margin of error, by managing the testing through tight controls and performing accurate regression and standard deviation analyses.

Are you considering developing programs to improve quality assurance in the laboratory?  Contact LabMetrics for a consultation to get started with up-to-date quality control methods.