Lab Outreach

Lab Outreach

Lab Management Outreach Best Practices Put You in Competition with Commercial Labs

lifescience1Commercial laboratory services are a highly competitive market. Stand-alone labs need lean and efficient processes because laboratory services are their core source of profits. While most hospital-based labs look for ways to turn excess capacity into profit streams, their operations are usually more oriented to providing support for larger institutional processes. Even so, many hospitals can develop strategies to outcompete independent labs and make significant contributions to revenue through outreach programs.

LabMetrics is the industry leader in developing and implementing technology-enabled best practices for LIS / LIMS and automated laboratory procedures. We combine our deep knowledge and experience with business management principles to find lab management outreach solutions that will keep you competitive. Our principals and associates can help your organization walk through market data and technology offerings to develop the strategies you will need to go toe-to-toe with commercial laboratories.

As your outreach consultancy partners, we will help you:

  • Analyze market opportunity
  • Assess capacity and capability
  • Analyze internal and send-out fee schedules
  • Develop effective marketing programs
  • Evaluate test menus and opportunity to repatriate send-outs
  • Recruit and train sales force staff
  • Design and implement new programs and IT tools to succeed
  • Align lab procedures and technology with revenue goals
  • Lab outreach management and CIO services
  • Simplify connectivity (EHR) and eMPI strategies and services
  • Optimize outreach software systems, services and workflows, i.e. 4Medica, Atlas, Cerner, Copia, Care360, CareEvolve, Epic, LifePoint, McKesson, Soft, Sunquest, etc.

LabMetrics Keeps Your Lab Management Systems Lean and Efficient

If you’re considering updating your lab management strategies to implement a new outreach program or improve the profitability of your current outreach operations, contact LabMetrics for a consultation and we’ll get started assessing your current capacity and help you understand how to reach your full outreach potential.