Automation and Instrumentation

Automation and Instrumentation

Lab Information Management Systems Assistance by LabMetrics for Better Efficiency

automation1As information technology becomes more robust and interconnected, laboratories and hospitals are implementing cutting-edge lab information management systems to automate workflows and processes, improving quality and reducing operating costs.

However, these projects often require significant capital investment that is harder to find in an increasingly competitive health information technology and laboratory market. To stay ahead, you need a deep understanding of investment costs and ROI before undertaking a complex capital project.

LabMetrics has the expertise and skilled staff to help guide you through the process of developing targeted deployment plans while avoiding common pitfalls. We will provide you with the skills to evaluate, select, implement, and manage the project, integrating capital-costs into your end-to-end operations.

We start with a comprehensive assessment:

  • Develop comprehensive business and technical requirements
  • Identify and select target technologies and/or vendors
  • Perform detailed functional and cost gap analysis
  • Identify capital funding sources and capital costs
  • Improve workflow, and streamline operating costs
  • Increase Revenue
  • Make the best choices in the use of capital investments
  • Develop cost-effective deployment plans
  • Make better staffing choices and alignment
  • Integrate new technology with existing systems seamlessly
  • Choose when to uplift or replace technology
  • Meet your deployment expectations

LabMetrics will help you automate key processes, improve staff value, and maximize capital through efficiency improvements to keep your IT systems in top condition.

LabMetrics Provides Complete Technical Services for Lab Information Management Systems

Here are some of the many automation, equipment, and technology services we provide:

  • Acquisition, Standardization Assitance
  • AP, LIMS, LIS, and Outreach System Evaluation Selection
  • Evaluate enterprise EHR-LIS vs. Best of Breed LIS (current in-house or new LIS offering)
  • Automation Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation
  • Enterprise Alignment
  • HIE/LOINC Planning and Assitance
  • Inspection Readiness and Mock Survey
  • Interim Leadership and CIO Staffing
  • mHealth - Mobile Tools and Apps Planning
  • Middleware, Automation, Auto Verification
  • Outreach, EMR, and Meaningful Use Readiness
  • Project Director Oversight, Project Management, and Staffing
  • System Design and Contracting
  • System Evaluation and Selection
  • Vendor Management and Subrogation
  • Workforce Multipliers

Sample Lab Information Management Systems Project: Efficiency SolutionsScenario: LabMetrics was hired as interim CIO leadership to design, leverage, and deploy full outreach connectivity for a multi-site system that failed to get traction after a significant investment in outreach technology.

Outcome: We deployed EMR interfaces, eMPI, improved TAT and sample management, produced bench-ready labels and more importantly happy clients.

Sample Lab Information Management Systems Project: Upgrade Troubleshooting

Scenario: LabMetrics was hired to conduct a comprehensive LIS system evaluation, including a full cost analysis for an academic medical center having problems getting a Big Box EMR-LIS solution to work.

Outcome: We installed a new comprehensive LIS solution and helped the institution avoid installing the Big Box EMR-LIS system which had many hidden costs and inefficient workarounds.

Contact us today to get started with in-depth lab assessments, and we’ll help you identify cost-effective ways to increase productivity and revenue.