Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma

Meets Challenges in Bringing Six Sigma to the Lab

vendor1Today’s laboratories face complex business, operational, and technological challenges with ever increasing sample volumes, demands for faster turnaround, and more complex testing methodologies and technology. Labs and organizations can feel like they are struggling to keep up with regulatory changes, service quality, and client satisfaction.

LabMetrics can assist in developing Six Sigma methodologies that allow organizations and clinical labs to expand testing operations and increase outreach and specimen processing.

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Enhance the Value of Your Lab Operations with Six Sigma Lab

The Lean Six Sigma methodology was developed by Motorola® in 1985 to improve manufacturing and process outputs by using thick data to remove defects, variability, and waste in all aspects of operations. Lean Six Sigma is a surprisingly common-sense approach to operational efficiency and lends itself well to many aspects of the lab business. LabMetrics assists clients in walking through the five DMAIC phases:

  • Define the problem (how to satisfy customers by meeting their requirements)
  • Measure and develop schematics for current lab processes to collect accurate data
  • Analyze data to investigate the source of problems and identify causes
  • Improve operations and processes by implementing solutions to the causes of problems
  • Continue data collection to sustain (and sometimes improve) the results of solutions

Lean Six Sigma Services

  • Automation, Workflow Analysis, and Enhancement
  • Policies and Procedures for Increased Efficiency
  • Facilities and Operations Improvements
  • Outreach Efficiency
  • Sustainable Tools and Best Practices