Lab Startup

Lab Startup

Starting, Expanding or Diversifying: Our Experts are Ready to Help You Achieve Success!


We have decades of experience working as lab startup consultants for a variety of laboratories. We assess all aspects of the business from market opportunity and reimbursements to technology and operations, helping our clients achieve greater profitability and success.

LabMetrics can help you understand the risks and returns of a new startup as well as expansion and/or diversification of your existing test menu and markets. We will make sure you have all the critical information needed to make the best decisions for your lab startup.

  • Where should I build the lab and what markets should I serve?
  • What will be the one-time costs and how much working/startup capital is required?
  • How will reimbursement changes impact my business plan and profitability?
  • How Will ACO's, ARRA and value-based changes affect our plans?
  • What is the ideal test menu and instrumentation needed?
  • Will my facilities including IT/LIS support expansion?
  • What additions to staffing will I need to make?
  • How do we best diversify to leverage our current lab investment?
  • How do we structure an effective sales and marketing effort?
  • How do we implement and ensure we are running a clean, compliant lab?

New Physician Office Labs: Cost-Effective and Fast-Track to Profitability

New Full-Service Toxicology Labs: Diverse Toxicology Test Menu

Existing Toxicology Labs: Increase Revenue and Sustainability Through New Test Menu Expansion and Diversification!

Contact us today for a consultation, and see how we can help you make the most informed decisions.