Past: April 29-30, 2014 – Executive War College

Join LabMetrics at the Executive War College 2014 Conference: Your Ultimate Lab Management Survival Guide

A must-attend event, don’t miss this year’s 19th Annual Executive War College Conference held on April 29–30 at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans. At the world’s largest summit meeting on pathology and laboratory management, spend two days listening to the industry’s top leaders discuss invaluable strategies for positioning your lab toward financial and operational success in spite of current tumultuous healthcare challenges.

Hosted by Dark Daily, an online resource hub for laboratory and pathology news, trends, and products, EWC is a business investment you won’t regret.

Among many lab management topics covered at the conference, expect to discover:

  • How operational and competitive healthcare climates affect your lab’s future strategies for financial success
  • What informatics, information technology, and the use of data can do to enhance management and generation of revenue
  • Which government mandates will impact your lab
  • About LabMetrics

    LabMetrics is a proud sponsor at this year’s Executive War College.

    A premier full-service lab and health information technology consulting firm, LabMetrics supplies innovative technology-based business and clinical solutions to our clients in life sciences industries. A respected leader in the field of lab management consulting, LabMetrics has been providing a 360° approach to better laboratory and pathology business for its clients.

    Because LabMetrics’ team of experts stays abreast of the most recent business, compliance, operational and technology trends in the industry, our customized consulting helps you keep your competitive edge honed for success. Enduring today’s rocky healthcare landscape may seem to be survival of the fittest, but with LabMetrics solutions, we give you the lab management tools to thrive.