Acquistions and Mergers

Private Equity: Key Challenges for Lab Investments


Our decades of experience working as consultants for hospitals and independent laboratories have taught us something about laboratory investments. We assess all aspects of the business from technology to operations, to help our clients achieve greater market share and greater profit.

Whether you are looking at buying or selling in the laboratory market, LabMetrics can help you understand the risks and returns of potential transactions. We will make sure you have all the critical information needed to make the best decisions about your investments in the medical laboratory and technology domain.

  • Laboratory Startups
  • Assessments & Valuations
  • Buildings & Facilities
  • Due Diligence
  • Governance, Workflow, & Staffing Evaluation
  • Market Opportunities
  • Science Validation
  • Financial, Operational, Technology, & IT Due Diligence

Private Equity | Laboratory Case Studies

  • Performed due diligence on billing, sales and marketing, facilities, information technology, and key staff for a private equity firm looking to take on a 33% stake in a large pathology laboratory.
  • Oversaw new lab acquisitions and integration for a private equity firm that purchased a large, national lab. Our services covered the installation of business solutions, interim CIO management, and evaluating and selecting new IT systems (LIS/LIMS).
  • Developed key business guidelines for labs looking to achieve performance and growth targets by soliciting capital infusions from venture capital groups and other investors.

As with any capital investment, accurate information and knowledge of market space is critical to the success of a venture capital medical investment. LabMetrics has decades of experience in laboratory capital markets.

Contact us today for a consultation, and see how we can help you make the most informed decisions.