Lab Assessments | LabMetrics Is Your Source For Operations, Readiness, and Productivity Metrics

story1During our decades of experience, LabMetrics has noticed that many laboratories and pathology facilities aren’t fully aware of the competitive edge in-depth lab assessments can bring to the table.

We focus on core business challenges to give you a strategic view that encompasses competiveness, market forces, cost saving strategies, and revenue creation strategies. We can help you:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Leverage the most cost-effective service lines
  • Identify and quantify cost savings and efficiency opportunities
  • Decide on the best legal, governance, and licensing structures
  • Manage workforce changes, and reductions
  • Improve your market share
  • Identify costs and capital sources
  • Successfully promote, and launch new services, and technologies

How to Use Lab Assessments (Sample Case):

A large, multi-site health system looking for consultants to conduct lab assessments that will enable them to consolidate lab testing across locations to reduce cost-per-test by eliminating redundant expensive testing, leveraging send-outs, promoting outreach and reducing staffing.

LabMetrics Core Assessment Services

  • Core Lab— Identify ways to improve operations at your core lab and/or assess whether your core lab “build” is working for your multi-site system.
  • Consolidation and Restructuring— Identify appropriate restructuring and consolidation models for your service lines that will streamline operations across your sites.
  • Due Diligence— LabMetrics provides objective, and independent advice that will help you make strategic decisions about major projects, purchases or transitions.
  • Meaningful Use— We help you understand how to leverage the most out of your information technology systems and clients to help you ensure your organization’s readiness.
  • New Technology— Let our associates help you make informed decisions about new technology. We keep up on the latest technology developments so we can show you what’s real science and what’s realistic timing.
  • Other— We’re experts in the life science and healthcare laboratory, and IT business. We can support your organization with customized operations, productivity, and readiness assessments.

Ready to set your organization on a path to real growth and competitiveness? Contact us today to see how our lab assessments can help you.